AENEAM  Agri-food Efficiency with New Energy Audit Measures

The Project aims to accelerate the transition of Agri-food EU industry towards a sustainable growth model by increasing the up taking of the recommended measures form Energy Audits, encouraging companies (C10 - C11) to undergo energy audits and the subsequent implementation of the recommendations from these audits, promoting digital solutions.

To combat environmental pollution and create a more sustainable food sector, energy use during manufacturing needs to be reduced.

AENEAM offers an acceleration program tailored to the involved companies with high impact mentoring, steady network immersion, energy audits, specialized workshops for Re-skilling and enhancing the skills of energy technicians to strategic proposition to improve their know-how, green impact strategy at corporate culture and communication, business plans, access to investors and public funding, plus a digital solutions seminars and demonstrations. This acceleration program serves as a capacity building, a systematic approach of knowledge and skills development to ensure that the companies have the internal expertise to effectively implement change and improve performance of the measures.

Operational services will complete and guide the measures deployment at individual level for companies and through the Local Pilots (4 countries) as grouping companies for join solutions.

AENEAM team is composed of several technicians from 4 EU countries ES FR, IT and PL combining experts on energy audits and measures implementation, and agri-food clusters and associations that will promote and support the activities developmt.

Completion date: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2026



Project aims:

The acceleration programme created by AENEAM, tailored to the involved companies (mainly SMEs), will become an ecosystem with services including:

  • high-impact monitoring;
  • steady network immersion;
  • energy audits;
  • specialized workshops for re-skilling and enhancing
    the skills of energy technicians;
  • green impact strategy at corporate culture and
  • access to investors and public funding;
  • digital solutions at seminars and demonstrations.

Project expected outcomes and results:

  • 104 companies benefitting from direct support
  • 80 energy audits carried out within the project
  • 150 energy auditors and stakeholders with improved
    knowledge and skills
  • 600 company staff with improved knowledge and skills
  • 50% increased rate of transformation of energy audits
    into concrete measures implementation
  • Acceleration programme tailored to agrifood companies
    needing energy audits
  • Operation support as a service
  • Capacity building: training and enhancement of
    corporate energy culture
  • Re-skilling and green impact strategy
  • Direct operational support to four local pilots


To register your company's participation in the project, please complete the qualification survey and send it to the e-mail address:

The survey is available online here:

Online qualification survey




AIN is a private non-profit organization recognized as a technological centre; through its specialized knowledge in management and technology, it encourages collaboration and improvement. A technical expert in the energy, environmental and digital transformation, AIN applies PMP methodology for project management, and has significant experience leading EU Funding projects.


The CSMT have strong skills in implementing energy- efficiency services in commercial and industrial sector high-value consultancy such as energy audits, energy management systems, energy consumption metering systems, implementation of energy conservation measures.


Confindustria Brescia is an Italian entrepreneurial organization, member of the Confindustria system. It is the most important association of the industrial sector in the Province of Brescia, and was partner in the consortium of EE-Metal project.


Innov’Alliance is a French competitiveness cluster, supporting green and technological transition through open innovation in agriculture and plant processing, in four major industrial sectors: food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, aromas and fragrance. All actors in the cluster are representative of the whole plant-based value chain in each market.


CRITT AGROALIMENTAIRE SUD is an expert in agri-food SMEs support in all technical issues, including energy management. It provides support through training, consultancy, and technology transfer, and has participated in several EU projects linked to environmental issues in the agrifood sector (AgroenvironMED, Synergia, Pefmed, Reinwaste, ...).


AUiPE AG was founded in order to implement principles of sustainable development, to promote renewable energy sources, and to improve energy efficiency. It specialises in energy consulting and energy auditing. AUiPE AG also assists municipalities in the planning of their energy supply using local renewable energy resources.


The Food Cluster of Southern Wielkopolska unites sector related companies that have their headquarters in Kalisz but also in Konin, Poznań, Środa Wielkopolska and Krotoszyn. Energy audits will take place at these companies.


Nasuvinsa is a company owned by the Public Corporate Entity of Navarra and depends on the Government of Navarra. It provides technical and operational support to the regional Government in the implementation of its policies, including in the energy transition.



If you have any questions or are interested in the project, please contact:

tel./fax. 62 764 57 83

For more information about the project, find us on LinkedIn


Funded by the European Union

LIFE Project Grants

Project name: Agri-food Efficiency with New Energy Audit Measures
Project acronym: LIFE22-CET-AENEAM
Project number: 101120618


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